Cyprus Investment Programme (EU Passport)


Cyprus is located at the gateway of Asia, Africa and Europe and as such, since its accession to the EU in 2004, has become a highly attractive location for foreign investors.

As well as evolving into an international business hub it is also an extremely popular destination for tourists and residents due to its climate, sandy beaches, safe environment, history and culture and its World Class resorts and Marinas.

The Cyprus Government has made changes to the Citizenship Scheme for Investors in Cyprus making it more attractive to investors wishing to obtain EU/Cyprus Citizenship.

The key change is that the minimum investment has been reduced to €2 million for an investor who purchases properties, with one of them valued at least €500,000 (plus VAT where applicable).  The investor should retain the investment for 3 years after which time he is required to maintain ownership of his residential property of €500,000.

We use an experienced legal team who specialise in immigration and will help you with the financial and application requirements. They will assist you in obtaining the relevant paperwork and will provide step-by-step guidance through the application process.

Since Cyprus’ membership in the European Union there are now numerous benefits to being a Cypriot citizen including:


  • Ability to travel to over 157 countries worldwide without having to apply for a VISA
  • Entitlement to live, work and study in any country in the European Union
  • Citizenship is transferable to all future descendants
  • Ability to freely move goods, services and capital within the EU
  • Right to keep previous nationality by having dual citizenship
  • No inheritance tax or tax on income received into Cyprus
  • Free public healthcare for citizens
  • Tuition-free education at Cyprus Universities
  • The investor’s spouse and dependents can obtain Citizenship
  • Parents of the investor may also obtain Citizenship provided they hold a private residence of a purchase price of at least €500,000
  • Wide choice of investment options
  • Greek speaking is not required
  • Low Government Fees for the application
  • Application process takes around 4 – 6 months

Full details from our legal partners on the Cyprus Investment Programme


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